We Only Clean For You

Only domestic household rubbish to your bins.
Yes, and we can assist with packing and reorganizing if the client is prepared for the change.
No. Firstly, you may need a forensic cleaner before engaging a regular domestic cleaner for your home.
Our prices are aligned with the current NDIS Pricing Guide.
Yes, for existing clients.
Yes. We prefer no less than 24-hour notice, where possible.
Yes, we can. If your cleaner is going to change, we will contact you to discuss the handover (approx: 15 mins) from one cleaner to the next. There is no charge for the handover.
Yes, and the original is sent for processing to your chosen Plan Manager.
Yes, we can. However, we prefer to alternate two cleaners for each home, so you always have a back-up cleaner should one be on leave. This also assists in maintaining a constant high standard.
  1. Follow-up call after the first clean
  2. Booked in spot checks every three months
  3. Register and follow-up on all feedback
Yes, our Numatic Henry Vacuums are commercial grade with HEPA filters and bags.
Our equipment is sanitised directly after each job, so the contact period is longer before the next job. A new pack of cleaning cloths is used for each home.
Yes, we are compliant with NDIS regulations.
No, our staff are on wages, under an award

We value your enquiries, your business and your feedback.