Our Company

Red Mop Cleaning was launched by company founder Trenna Reid in 2017. Previously, Trenna spent several years in the banking and finance sector before starting her own business, Dalby Home Services, which specialised in residential and commercial janitorial services, and later interior decorating. Dalby Home Services grew to serve more than 80 homes, offices and small businesses. Red Mop Cleaning is a natural progression for Trenna, whose aim has always been to serve the NDIS by connecting the unemployed with the disabled, training people and providing user-friendly services. Our highly-trained staff work hard to make life easier for our NDIS clients, creating pleasant and hygienic environments to enjoy and share with family and friends.  As a new venture in 2022, we now provide Support Workers for Plan-Managed and Self-Managed participants.

Red Mop and the NDIS

The National Disability Insurance Scheme was created to support Australians living with a disability. If you are Plan-Managed or Self-Managed, Red Mop can take care of your household chores and provide you with a Support Worker for your shopping etc., leaving you more time to focus on the things that matter.

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