Thank you red mops,I was very happy with both Dea n Hailey's cleans, both credits to red mops, thanks again

- John R
Everton Park

“Trish really knows what she’s doing. Very efficient indeed.”

- V M

Thank you so much for Keita, she is very nice, friendly and very efficient. Thank you again, S & L

- LF

Trish has been so accommodating with my cat. She always lets him up and down the stairs at the appropriate times (he's scared of the vacuum) and turns it off when he's passing, so he's literally trained now to go wherever we guide him together. Please thank her for her respect and kindness- she does absolutely everything I need her to and always has a smile.
This week has been particularly hard for me, so having her in my home, doing things I can't and making my little ecosystem more enjoyable and liveable is an absolute blessing. You've trained her well.

- Jessica

“Good morning , Just wanted to let you know that Keita was extremely helpful yesterday. She did a great job. She was very thorough and checked when unsure. Keita worked independently with little direction from me. It was a pleasure to have Keita in my home. My husband, Santo, commented on the fact that Keita had done a good job. That is the first time he has ever made a comment like that. I look forward to seeing Keita next Tuesday. Debbie“

- DR
Bridgeman Downs

Thank you for providing such a quality worker and a true gentleman.

- HO

I am beyond thrilled at the service from Red Mop, they are friendly and extremely brilliant at their duties. Couldn't recommend them enough. To be honest 5 stars just isn't good enough for this company, they deserve a 6th star. Very pleased and will keep them on ::)

- Michael

I was blown away by the attention to detail my Red Mop cleaner demonstrated when she came for the first time. She was fast and thorough, not missing things that I would expect a cleaner to ignore. I am so happy to have a cleaner with such a wonderful disposition who isn't afraid to tackle the hard jobs and maintain a sunny disposition, making her so easy to chat to. I will never go with another company!

- Jes S
Kippa- Ring